I would describe myself as a fiscal conservative and a social moderate. This used to describe moderate Republicans, but the Republican Party has become too rigid and conservative in its positions. This has lead to a stalemate in Congress.

It has also resulted in the current Republican member of the House of Representatives from NJ’s 11th district supporting the Party’s conservative positions on numerous issues. For example; the repeal of expanded healthcare, holding tax cuts for the middle class hostage to maintain low tax rates for the wealthy, and eliminating Medicare as it currently exists to replace it with a voucher system that is likely to be much more costly for participants.

I represent the opportunity to vote for Republican fiscal values without having to support conservative social positions.

I will support responsible cuts in spending to any program where there is waste or inefficiency. I support deficit reduction, but not by removing the social safety net from citizens in need, and not by giving huge tax breaks to wealthy individuals.

I am well qualified to focus on tax reform as I am a CPA and have been working with corporate and individual taxes for over 40 years. One area I would address immediately is revising the alternative minimum tax (AMT) to remove state and local taxes, home mortgage interest, and personal exemptions as preference items, and to add capital gains and dividends as preference items (capital gains were a preference item when the AMT was originally enacted).